Demonstration plant for ASCENCIA

JUA is entering a partnership in Mauritius with Ascencia a major property group specialized in commercial malls, to implement a demonstration plant, showcasing a business model where financial viability is sought through the leverage of circular economy approach within commercial centers

The station to be installed at Bagatelle Mall will consist in JUA’s patented Anaerobic Digester unit (bioRgas™), and Composting Station (orga-R™) transforming organic waste generated by supermarkets and restaurants waste into valuable by-products: Biogas (a renewable source of energy) and Biofertilizers (compost and liquid boosters). In a circular approach, the biofertilizers will be used for the creation and maintenance of green spaces within the commercial center area and excess will be sold to foster agro-ecology projects. The project aims at demonstrating the technical feasibility and the commercial potential of our integrated process, showing how alternative business models together with innovative technology can contribute to enhance the value of waste and unleash the potential for sustainable achievements within the commercial sector.